Playing Slots at Casino Titan and Winning Money

If you haven’t played slots at Casino Titan you are missing out. There are plenty of sites out there telling you were to spend your time and money, but I have found the best site for where to play free online slots. Some things that I look for in slots sites are entertainment value, high payout percentage, high hit frequency, and good bonuses.

Casino Titan is a natural choice for me, it is probably the Casino I frequent the most when it comes to online gambling.  I’m already a member, and login is seamless, so I start playing one of my favorites: The Three Stooges.

Titan has a payout percentage of 96.1 so I know I’m going to get lucky at least a couple of times. While playing Three Stooges I earn “Moe Money” a couple of times, as well as “Curly Cash” and “Larry Loot”. It was a blast, and all of the flash media made it very visually stimulating.

Then I moved on to a game called Green Light. The objective of this game is to cross the virtual finish line first to win the as much ‘green’ as you can. Collecting two green lights will earn you a special payout, three or more gets you a special racing feature unlocked. If you come in first of second you will qualify for a second race, and from there the possibilities are endless.

Another great thing about Titan is their customer service, and easy cash out process. And let’s not forget how much fun I had winning money!