Picking your Online Slots Website

Playing Slots online is a lot of fun, but sometimes you don’t know which site to pick. Many advertise a steep hit percentage, or promise a high payout percentage. If you don’t know what this means, it might be hard to determine what site to go with.

Let me break it down for you.

Hit frequency: Hit Frequency is how the slots pay out. If a game pays out often it is said to have a high hit frequency. On the contrary, if a game rarely pays out it is considered to have a low hit frequency. Hit frequency however, does not give timing of when a slot hits, or how much is paid out.

Payout Percentage: Payout percentage is the amount slots pay out of the total amount waged to the sight in a given time period. The payout takes into account all of the players and all of their wagers. Let me give you an example:

If a slots game takes in $300,000 in a month, and has a payout percentage of 96%, they will pay out $288,000 in that month. However, that doesn’t mean that one player will win the $288,000, or you individually will earn 96% of your wagers. It just means by the end of the month the slots game will have paid out 96% of its wagers, in large and small increments.

Although very helpful, these two factors are not the only thing that should go into picking your online slots website. Determining the hit frequency and payout percentage is a good starting point though. Good luck in your search!