Online Strategies

There are a lot of myths out there about how online slot games work. There are some people out there who claim they can help you cheat the system and win easy money playing slots. If you’re planning to use some of those strategies, I can assure you right now that it won’t work. The best online casinos go through rigorous system checks and product testing before they are launched; these processes hold the same standards as land based casinos or sometimes better. There are, however, some strategies you can employ with online download slots gaming that will stretch your wallet. The casino will still have an edge, of course, but it’s better to play smart than to lose everything.

The key thing that you have to practice while playing slots is patience and discipline. Strategy in playing slots is all about knowing when to stop, to take a break or to switch to another machine. One way of doing this is by using a strategy called “naked pulls”. “Naked” stands for nothing and “pulls” stands for the plays. You can loosely translate it as playing for nothing. Before starting to play with a machine, set a play limit somewhere between 8 and 16. Play for the number of times that you set yourself to until you’ve reached your quota. Once you reach it and it doesn’t give any winnings, stop playing and take a break or switch machines. There will be times when the machines will be “cold” and you could end up playing 20 games without getting any returns. The key here is discipline; once you hit your quota, stop

Another strategy which a lot of “pro” slots players use is a simple method called Loss Limits. Again, you don’t want to lose track of your losses while playing a slots game. Set out a percentage of your playing money like 30% to 60% which you are willing to lose to a particular machine, or on a particular day. This strategy that can save you a lot of the remorse, not to mention a lot of money. Besides, do you really think your last coin will give out returns if the first 50 didn’t? Imagine yourself in a casino, you go there with around $500. You start out feeling lucky, but end up playing to the last coin without returns. This one is just a little safeguard from “overplaying” or “over losing” for that matter. Always budget your playing money, you can lose all the money you worked a week for in hours if you don’t.

Another strategy that’s pretty smart to do is playing max coins. There are bigger bonuses and higher rewards for playing max coins on machines. Some jackpot prizes aren’t available if you don’t play max coins, for example. Besides, there are machines for any denomination which doesn’t really make this a problem. Meaning if you aren’t a ‘high-roller’ don’t play at the ‘high-roller’ dollar slots; play on the nickel machine if you were planning to play a quarter at a time etc. etc…

You don’t want to lose all your playing money in one sitting and you’d want to get the highest possible winnings when you play any games. Give yourself a change and use strategies for online download slots gaming. It minimizes your risk and gives you the chance for greater returns!