Online Gambling in the US

The US economy is anything but awesome; you don’t have to read Yahoo News to know that. What US officials need to realize is they may need to start taking more creative approaches to combat this debt.  Gambling expert Nelson Rose has just the answer: Online Gambling. Taxing online poker alone could produce up to 40 billion dollars in just ten short years? Just think what every online casino game could produce.

Each state is making moves towards the decision because of the recent ruling made by the Department of Justice involving intrastate online gambling, but the Federal level just can’t seem to come to an agreement. Rose says that: “Congress will continue to do nothing while internet gambling will explode across the nation when it is made legal under state laws.”

State Officials like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie do not and probably never will approve a “Federal Stamp of approval” online gambling. He stands next to the idea that this regulation will demoralize our country as we know it. Another thing Rose points out is that with the extra money from taxing online gambling there will be more to put into gambling addiction and child gambling prevention.

Gambling at casinos that are promoted by sites like is legal; it just may not be regulated. There are still so many decisions to be made and arguments to be had, but the end is near. In the next two years a lot about online gambling in the US will be changed, and I’m confident it will be for the better. What do you think?