Favorite Slots Games at High Noon Casino

h Noon may look like a cheesy version of an old Wild Wild West film from the outside, but on the inside it means business.

I did my research at www.google.com, and found exactly what I was looking for: Good payout percentage, high hit frequency, awesome customer service, and visual stimulation.

These are all of the things I look for in a slots game, and I knew I would be able to satisfy all of those requirements at High Noon Casino.

I sign in and automatically go to my favorite: Shopping Spree. It has nine lines, and you can either pick all of the lines you wish to bet, or just hit max bet which encompasses all of them. I like to just do max bet, considering I’m really only risking $.25 per line. It is a progressive game, so the jackpot is always increasing in the right hand corner, which makes it a little more exciting. Picking max bet doesn’t always prevail so I moved on to my next game.

I picked the game “Mister Money” from the Real Series drop down menu under the Slots title. This one was a twenty-liner, and the lowest I could bet was $.20, so I stuck to that. There is no max bet with this game, since there are so many lines, and there is also an auto play button, which pretty much just plays the game for you in the background and lets you know if you win anything significant.

I played for a couple more minutes until I called it quits. I was down a few bucks, but nothing my next bonus can’t help when I sign on again. There are, by far, the most bonuses for slots players, that’s one of the reasons I keep coming back!