Awesome Bonuses Welcoming You to Slots Jungle

Slots Jungle has some of the best and most lucrative signup bonuses.  Not only will they give you a bonus on your first, second, and third deposit, they will give you a bonus up until your forth deposit.  Each bonus is 250% of your deposit. This means you could potentially be earning $10,000. This is unheard of in the slots world.

Slots Jungle has a 94% payout rate. What this means is for all of the wagers made at Slots Jungle, they payout 94% of it. Allow me to break this down for you. If the casino takes in $100,000 in a month, they will payout $94,000 dollars of it. This doesn’t mean that one person will win this; it just means that out of all the player’s wagers, this is the amount of the winnings, whether in large or small increments.

Enough with the technical stuff, let’s talk more awesome bonuses. They have an awesome promotion going on right now called: “Fly Like an Eagle.” And that you will do if you take advantage of these awesome giveaways. You can start with only $21 if you want, that will get you a 194% bonus. The highest you can deposit is $750, and this amount will get you a 400% bonus, it’s just their way of welcoming you to Slots Jungle.

I almost forgot to mention their ongoing Slots Tournaments. Every day from 11am to 7pm with many rich prizes, so get in on the action! They will even give you a free $10 to start playing with. There are so many awesome bonuses welcoming you to Slots Jungle, take advantage of them!